Welcome to Mediapops.

Did you know that there are 1,118,045,370 websites in the world as of November 11 2014 at 7:11 am? The reason I am so exact with my date and time is because that number increases by at least 1 every second. That’s a big number. A very big number. It starts with a “B” as in Billion.

So the question is “How in the world do we as business owners have a chance letting people know who we are?”

The answer is what is called building a “Platform”. In other words creating a web presence using more than one tool. It always includes a base (usually a website) and a combination of tools to compliment it. More importantly its creating a “Brand” or personality that fits you and your company.

Mediapops can help. We have the knowledge and all the tools needed to help you add to your customer base. It might be a website with a Facebook page. Maybe a website a Facebook page and videos. How about podcasts? What is a podcast? It is a 20 to 40 minute audio that is posted on the web where you help or instruct your audience with something of value.

Mediapops was founded with the intent of helping you do this. It is our passion. It is what we love doing. There is nothing better than helping you in todays crowded media space.

Please take a minute and review our site. If you need help please feel free to email Stan Weed at stan@mediapops.com or Steve Pool at steve@mediapops.com. Please sign up for our newsletter. We would love to talk with you about your needs.



Why Mediapops?


Okay, I just know you are dying to know where the name Mediapops came from.

Plus I need a blog on our new website.

This might just be my first and only blog as Mr. Pool is the writer in this partnership.

So, Steve and I were on our way back from Amarillo, Texas after driving 40 hours in four days. We had attended a conference known as “Get Noticed” in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a conference put on by the leaders in all things media. They taught us the tricks to getting noticed in todays crowded world.

Number one  –  “WOW” your customers.

When we went to the conference I think we both were a little confused as to what and where we would use our new found knowledge.

Steve, being the King of Hospitality and all things Restaurant, kept mentioning how much he wanted to help the “Mom and Pop’s” restaurants in our home area of Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma. Me being the computer geek, who had just moved to the area and started working for myself, just wanted work.

We had spent many long hours together and we were pretty tired but decided that we made a pretty good team and wanted to start our own company.

We needed a name.

Steve started looking up any domain name that he could find with the word “media”. (If you have never driven from Amarillo, Texas to Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma, believe me the view on his IPad was better than mine.) They all seemed to be taken. I was starting to worry that we would not find that perfect name.

Finally, after about two hours Steve said “I got it!” I could tell he was happy. He said “Mediapops.com!”

I said perfect!

We decided that not only did it have a “Mom and Pop’s” meaning but also in the design world the word Pops! means WOW!

How about us.