Don’t Get Lost in The Weeds


Did you know that 80% of all potential customers check a restaurants menu on their mobile phones before making a dining choice?

Mediapops is a company started by a Chef and a Geek.

Both of us love helping people. We combined our two worlds and decided we could help small to medium size businesses get on the Web and broaden their customer base and even sell online.

We believe we have created a product that is affordable and simple enough that you do not need an IT department. You can actually update and change it yourself regardless of your computer knowledge. If you find that you need help we have free videos to show you how and will create a video or walk you through any questions you might have.

It’s like having your own IT department without the geeks. Brilliant!

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Don’t Get Lost in the Weeds! We can help you today.


With over One Billion Active Websites – Do I Really Need One?


One would think that a man who has been in front of or working with computers for over *48,000 hours plus or minus a few thousand (yes that is correct *48,000 hours plus or minus a few thousand ) that I would know everything there is to know about computers, right? Absolutely not. In fact the world of computers and technology is so vast and moves so fast that will never be the case for me or any human being.

In the last 5 years I have asked myself many times, “Are websites really useful anymore?” I had decided they were a tool that was outdated and their time had run out.

This past year I have been working for myself helping the good people of my area of the world with all things computer. From removing viruses to building websites. I actually talked a customer out of building a website. Some businessman I was. I was my own worst customer. I was wrong. And I would like to share with you some reasons why.

Welcome to Mediapops.


Did you know that there are 1,118,045,370 websites in the world as of November 11 2014 at 7:11 am? The reason I am so exact with my date and time is because that number increases by at least 1 every second. That’s a big number. A very big number. It starts with a “B” as in Billion.

So the question is “How in the world do we as business owners have a chance letting people know who we are?”

The answer is what is called building a “Platform”. In other words creating a web presence using more than one tool. It always includes a base (usually a website) and a combination of tools to compliment it. More importantly its creating a “Brand” or personality that fits you and your company.

Why Mediapops?


Okay, I just know you are dying to know where the name Mediapops came from.

Plus I need a blog on our new website.

This might just be my first and only blog as Mr. Pool is the writer in this partnership.

So, Steve and I were on our way back from Amarillo, Texas after driving 40 hours in four days. We had attended a conference known as “Get Noticed” in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is a conference put on by the leaders in all things media. They taught us the tricks to getting noticed in todays crowded world.

Number one  –  “WOW” your customers.